About VSuel

New visual inspirations every day and nearly new visual creations every day.

I dedicate this Website to every interior designer, every advertising agency,  everyone I worked with , I will work with…And every person interested in art, design and decoration.

I’m stronger with visual than with words, that’s why I will show hier more my pictures than my texts. I’m pleased about all reflexions, feedbacks I will get about what you see and think.


Valérie Salvetti born in Bois-Colombes (Paris)

I spent 7 years in Nice studying languages and art, before I jumped accross the pond to land in Baden-Baden, Germany, working as a photostylist, photodesigner and art director for clients like GlaxoSmithKline, Oberois Group LTD, Siemens, Schenk Holding, theaters, museums, TV stations…(see references)

I exibited my first photographic Artworks in 1985, selected from ARMAN und HANS HARTUNG, in the Contemporain National Art Center – VILLA ARSON in Nice.

Then in Galleries in France and Germany.

You can see my works sprayed all over the World, advertisings, hotels, restaurants, offices, airports, books, magazines and of course on the web.

Thank you for visiting vsuel

Valérie Salvetti


Biographie Deutsch

Valérie Salvetti geboren in Bois-Colombes (Paris)

7 Jahre Studium: Sprache und Kunst

Übersiedlung nach Baden-Baden: arbeit als Photostylistin, Photodesignerin und Artdirektorin für Kunden wie GlaxoSmithKline, Oberois Group LTD, Siemens, Schenk Holding, Theaters, Museums, Fernsehen und Radio Sender…(siehe Seite Referenz)

1985: Erste Ausstellung im Centre national d’Art Contemporain – VILLA ARSON in Nizza. Photografien ausgewählt von ARMAN und HANS HARTUNG.

Ausstellungen in Frankreich und Deutschland.

Meine Bilder sind Weltweit zu sehen in Werbung, Hotels, Restaurants, Büros, Airport, Büchern, Magazinen und Web.


One Response to About VSuel

  1. michaelknoche says:

    Your visual art works are truly catching the attention of the beholder.
    Very nice art works.
    Michael Knoche

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